5 Ways to Be Full of the JOY of the Lord

Philippians 4: 4 instructs us to, “Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again- Rejoice!

The difference between Happiness and Joy is that Happiness is an emotion based upon your environment and circumstance, while Joy is an attitude of the heart. This blog will explain 5 ways you can be filled with Gods Joy daily and Rejoice knowing that He is Lord.


One of the best ways to worship God is through song. When you worship God, he will fill you with his Joy. Despite what maybe taking place around you, sing your praises to God and watch your Joy be filled. Sing on your way to work, while you are taking a walk, washing dishes, in the shower, or while you lay in bed and become filled with God.

2. Praying

Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit, meaning it should be evident to those who interact with us. People we encounter should be able to witness and observe the Joy of the Lord in our life. If you need to be filled with Gods joy simply pray and ask! God is faithful to hear your prayer.

3. Witnessing

What better way to show others the Joy of the Lord than by witnessing! Talk to others about God and his goodness. Allow them to observe his Joy on your life and in observing they will want to receive the same joy.

4. Reading the Word of God

“The Joy of the Lord is our strength.” Nehemiah 8:10 Everything we need can be found in the word of God. If you need Joy, find scripture like ones above pertaining to Joy, meditate on them daily and with time watch Gods joy flow in your life as you become diligent in seeking him.

5. Rejoice

Rejoice| I am Blessed BeYond Belief Magazine

One of the best ways to receive Gods joy is just simply rejoice. Rejoice for who God is, rejoice because God is good, simply rejoice and become filled with Gods joy.

If you are in need of more of Gods joy in your life, I hope you implement one of the above tips and you begin to gain more of God, who he is and most importantly more of his joy!