Interview with Mr. Lawson

Blessed BeYond Belief Magazine had the distinguished pleasure of interviewing Mr. K. Lawson, a 7th grade Algebra teacher, community activist, mentor, and coach on September 15, 2018. Mr. Lawson is a clear representation of success, determination, hard work, and living Blessed BeYond Belief. 

We interviewed Mr. Lawson in a local Starbucks. Upon entering you couldn’t help but acknowledge the confidence that exuberates from him. Humble and polite, Mr. Lawson began to tell his story of overcoming and success. He briefly discussed his childhood, growing up as the middle child of 4. He spoke with pride the life lessons his parents instilled in his siblings and himself and gave recognition early on of the hand of God on his life.

Identifying his difference from those around him and having a heart for children, Mr. Lawson pursued a career in teaching and education. Understanding the impact role models have on the mind of an impressionable child, Mr. Lawson dedicated his time and skills to mentoring young men in the community and local urban neighborhoods who lacked the proper blueprint of a Godly man.

During the interview we asked Mr. Lawson what it meant to him to be Blessed BeYond Belief, he stated “Being Blessed BeYond Belief to me means thanking God for everything he has given me and being able to pour into the life of the next generation.”

Mr. Lawson is truly a man of God who lives his life serving those around him.

Thank you Mr. Lawson, for allowing the Magazine Team to interview you and may you continue to be Blessed BeYond Belief.

Interviewed by : Magazine Team