DEFINED | I am Blessed BeYond Belief

Blessed (adj.) Endowed with divine favor and protection
BeYond (adv.) Having progressed or achieved more than
Belief (noun.) Trust faith or confidence in someone or something

So, what does it mean to be Blessed BeYond Belief?
Achieving more than expected because you are endowed with favor and protection through your faith and confidence in God. Are you Blessed BeYond Belief?
I know I am! Being Blessed BeYond Belief is a physical representation of triumph, victory, and overcoming. It’s smiling through the storm and dancing in the rain. In no way is it bragging, but it’s a testimony, proof that God is able to do all things even when it seems impossible to others.
No longer shall you be associated with the negative definitions of setback, lack, grief, depression or unhappiness. From today forward you are defined as blessed, holy, set apart and favored by God. Today it is time for you to be all that God has predestined you to be and excel in life.
You are Gods child, endowed with divine favor and protection, achieving and progressing more everyday. Share your testimony, tell your story, and let the world know, “I Am Blessed BeYond Belief!”
Affirmed by: Sarah U.
I am Blessed BeYond the opinions, thoughts, comments, and expectations of others. For years I lived my life seeking the acceptance and approval from those around me. Hating rejection and despising setback, I dwelled in fear and hid in the shadows. I was okay with mediocracy and settled for less. It wasn’t until I tapped into my God given purpose that my shyness turned to
boldness. I moved from playing it safe to fearless, from just enough to more than enough, from waiting to breakthrough!

Have daily affirmations. A list of phrases and words that affirm who God says you are and speak positivity into your life. Tape it to your mirror, the refrigerator, or on your desk. Today I can unapologetically and boldly proclaim that I am strong, smart, beautiful, fearless, determined, set free, and “I AM BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF”.